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Addressing Our Facility Needs

While the Round Lake-Brewster School is a big point of pride in our community, the building has critical facility needs that must be addressed soon.

Parts of the building date back to 1914, and it has served our students and community well over the past 100-plus years. However, we have discovered cracks and deterioration that could affect the structural integrity of the building if we wait too long to address them. While temporary fixes have been made, we must take action to find a more permanent solution to these needs.

Many areas of the building also no longer meet the needs of a 21st century educational experience. We have an opportunity to update some of our spaces to ensure we can continue preparing students for the career and college opportunities of the future.

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Proposed Solution

The School Board is asking voters to consider a solution to our needs on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. An approved $30.48 million referendum would allow us to move forward on a series of facility projects to address needs at our school. These projects include:

Round Lake Brewster_Students8.png
  • Replacing parts of the current school—including those built in 1914 and 1938, along with part of the 1961 structure—with a new building addition

  • 20 new modern classrooms, including eight that will be additional spaces to meet the demands of future growth

  • A new gymnasium

  • Dedicated music, art, and science classrooms, along with support spaces

  • An updated library and media center

  • A new cafeteria with improved serving lines and a larger-capacity, full-service kitchen

  • An improved student pickup and drop-off area to improve safety and security

  • A new staff parking lot

Tax Impact

If we can move ahead on these projects, Round Lake-Brewster students will have access to updated, modern facilities that will help prepare them for the years to come. An approved referendum would have an estimated property tax impact of $32 per month on a home worth $150,000 in our community. 

Over the next several months, we will be holding a series of community informational sessions, sharing information here on our referendum webpage, and posting regularly about the referendum on our social media pages.

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